Set sail without worry...

As an avid boater your days revolve around fun in the sun. To many boaters boating isn’t just a hobby it’s a lifestyle. Whether you are sunset cruising with your family or off shore fishing with your friends, having peace of mind that if an accident occurs you are covered is a priority. RIS can provide Watercraft Insurance to allow you to enjoy the water without worry.

Our specialized coverages include liability coverage in the event someone is hurt aboard your vessel as well as protecting you against bodily injury you cause to others, physical damage to your boat or damage you cause to property of others. In addition, coverage can be added to protect against theft, vandalism, personal property, flood, fire and underinsured boaters.

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Physical Damage

Protection for your boat in the event of an accident with another vessel or submerged object


Coverage for bodily injury to others or damage to the property of others

Personal Property

Protects property on your boat including items such as cameras, gear, clothing and other personal items

Towing & Assistance

Assistance if you are stranded whether it is on the road or in the water.


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