As the weather turns warmer, our thoughts should turn to making open windows safe for the entire family, especially children. In addition, teaching your children how to safely use a window in an emergency situation is just as important.

The Window Safety Task Force offers these tips to protect and educate children:

  • Avoid placing furniture near windows that would tempt a child to climb up.
  • Screen windows are not sufficient alone to prevent a window fall.
  • Don’t allow children to play near open windows and doors.
  • Install devices designed to limit how far a window will open or window guards with release mechanisms.
  • During home renovations, make sure that windows are not painted shut or nailed shut.
  • When opening windows for ventilation, open the ones that a child cannot reach.
  • Teach your child how to safely use a window to escape during an emergency.

Are you doing all you can to make your windows safe? Here’s a checklist: https://aama-media.s3.amazonaws.com/cff7a7a0-41b9-11e9-bf7f-cf7f1a870e9a.pdf

And check out this activity book for kids that's fun and informative: http://aama-media.s3.amazonaws.com/0d6d46f0-1a0a-11e7-937d-fd255be37391.pdf

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