We all have a happy place. Some find it driving cross country in an RV with their family and pets, and others find it sailing through the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas to Deadman’s Cay.

RIS (Recreation Insurance Specialists) understands the time and money you have invested in your happy place. We’re dedicated to protecting whatever style of living gets you there, and the unique assets it requires. Our team of specialty insurance agents will get to know you and help to find insurance solutions that suit your needs.

A Contemporary Approach to Personalized Insurance

Whether you’re an entrepreneur shaping the economy with your innovative home business model or the proud owner of a 1975 Airstream, you’re passionate. The RIS Insurance team is as passionate as you are.

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Our Philosophy, Your Happy Place.

Personalized Coverage

No two clients are the same. You worked hard to achieve your lifestyle; we work hard to get to know it. Developing insurance options to meet your unique needs.

Experienced Agents

Our team has over fifty years’ experience in underwriting, claims and product management in the insurance industry. Our expertise enables us to understand the unique risks of your individual lifestyle and assets.

Unique Carriers

Our network of carrier partnerships gives you access to a variety of competitively priced insurance options, underwritten by companies with specialized products for your needs.

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Let our knowledge be your assurance that you can remain in your happy place. Contact us today to see how we can keep you there.